Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quilt Overload!!

I have added a lot of my quilts in this one blog already.  I think I will give it a rest now and come back in a few days and show you some more.  I have a lot of UFO's lying around that I can show you as well.  I aim to finish a lot of them this year.  I have been doing a post-grad. course at Charles Sturt University, by distance ed., over the past two years so I have had to put my quilting aside.  Now that I have finished uni I can't wait to finish all these projects!  I am a mother of two that has been teaching for 13 years, full and part time.  I teach high School (Yes, I'm crazy!!).  When my children were very young I worked from home or taught casually at different schools.  I have taught History, Geography and English.  I have retrained in special ed. in the last two years and absolutely love it!!!  My children are 14 and 11.  My quilting is my escape when the world gets too stressful!  I can disappear into the quilt I am making and take my mind off work or anything else that is worrying me.  The satisfaction I get from quilting is great too.  Anyway, will talk soon, Robyn.

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  1. Welcome to Blogland! This is a very exciting world that I hope you will find very friendly and inspirational! Love your quilts! Looking forward to getting to know you...