Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sample Quilt by "Moonshine Designs"

This quilt was taught at "Patchwork Mania" (Camden) and it took me 18 months to make it.  I changed the design slightly because there was one flower block that I didn't like.  I doubled up on the butterflies and the fans that are in the corners.  The quilt done by the teacher was done in pastel florals, similar to the original.  I liked blues and reds together at the time and was so pleased with the end result.  It has an oriental look about it, this was not planned.  I got this quilt professionally quilted because I put so much work into it and wanted it to be perfect.  I finished a few years ago and still have not put a border on it.  The original had a scalloped border but because mine is not floral I am considering just adding a straight border, what do you think?

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